Free Glasses for Kids from Clearly!!!!!!!!!!Exclusive in-store initiative: Clearly is giving children age 10 and under a free pair of kids’ glasses.Bring a recent prescription (written within 1 year) and your child’s health card to your local Clearly store.Check out our awesome selection of kids’ frames.Place your order with one of our friendly team members.Order in-storeOrder in-store with our friendly team and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re ready to be picked up. You’ll need to bring your child’s health card as well.Our MissionOur Mission is to eradicate poor vision and bring everyone access to the eyewear they need to see the amazing things in their lives.We want to ensure that kids can learn, grow, and live to their full potential – and that begins with being able to see the world around them clearly and correctly.Healthy eyes allow us to explore, understand, and find joy in the world around us – which is why it’s so important for kids to have a comprehensive eye exam every year.Identifying potential problems and correcting vision needs early on sets them up for success.


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