Discounts And Savings Canada

Saving Money In Canada IS Possible!

It’s honestly not as hard as you might think for Canadians to save 50%-90% and even more on the things that we buy and use everyday! And you will not be required to drive around with a mini van packed full of family members every Sunday, while you drive around town diving into dumpsters to get coupons, nor will you be required to have all those same people(Or more) armed with inserts and scissors furiously cutting and sorting while you rob them of countless hours of their lives as a means to achieving your goals!!! Discounts and Savings Canada will provide you with ALL the tools you will need to help you save your hard earned money and live a better life while spending less! We have many ways to show you how this is possible. We and others before us have done all the real work for you. We have the system, for the most part, figured out and now we want to freely pass this knowledge on and open the eyes, but not the wallets, of all those that will come after us!!! Your Journey Begins NOW!!!

The cost of groceries is forever increasing so we need to take advantage of all the ways possible to make every dollar we spend count. Learn to price match, use coupons, take advantage of savings/points programs and cashback apps to feed your family and build a stockpile that is tailored to your families needs. Saving money does not mean you have to eat cheap, unhealthy or poor quality foods. No matter which part of the country you call home, these savings and deals are there for the taking. With some time and effort and a willingness to learn, We have the tools, guides,knowledge, experience and expertise to show you how to do it on your own. It takes time just like any new thing you take on in your life. If you are willing to read, ask questions and dedicate yourself, you will very quickly realize how much further your dollars will stretch and how HUGE the savings will be for not only your family but as we have all discovered, will naturally extend out to family beyond the walls of your home, to your friends, neighbours and even out into your community and local charitable organizations. !!!!

Discounts and Savings Canada is your GO TO site for savings, coupons, freebies, resources and so much more!!! Here you will  find all the knowledge & learning tools you will require to not only get you started on your savings journey but to carry you through as you become an expert yourself!!!! Rome wasn’t built in a day and learning all the different aspects of the world of saving money in Canada on all the things you buy everyday will require patience and time. We know how you feel. We were all new once and not many of us would say that any of this came easily or without some real frustration and growing pains. Nothing worthwhile ever does!!!

Join us as you begin your savings journey by becoming a member of  our Discounts and Savings Canada Family by first joining our  Facebook Group for all the very best deals, coupon links, free samples and a multitude of other ways in which we will teach you to SAVE BIG. Our community is comprised of Extreme Canadian Couponers, Savings Ninjas, Experts on everything to do with saving money in Canada and many many other eager savers just like you!!!

Our main objective is to show YOU how to hang on to your hard earned money while taking care of the needs of your family and lowering those monthly expenses to make everyone, including your piggy bank HAPPY!!!!