Gay Lea’s 24 Days Of Cookies Contest!!!!

This year more than ever before we all need a little extra sweet and joy to celebrate together this special time of the year!

Join our 24 Days of Cookies contest to reveal new and traditional recipes every day until December 24th!

Every day we will be unlocking our best cookie recipe collection created by passionate Canadian bakers.

We want to help you make this holiday season sweet and special for those you love. Happy Baking!

How To Play

Play every day to receive your digital holiday cookie. Each door opened earns you one ballot toward our daily prize and the grand prize.

Click to see your new recipe and virtual cookie.

Now you’re entered in a draw to win a real batch of the day’s cookie!

We’ll send the cookies, freshly baked, to the winner’s door.

Miss a day? Unfortunately, each door locks after 24 hours, so play every day to make sure you get a ballot. You can still see any recipe once it’s been revealed.

We’ll alert the daily and grand prize winners via email. Good Luck!


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