Register Now To Potentially Claim Some Cash In A New Class Action Lawsuit Against Canada Post

Have you ordered items and had them delivered to your home since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic????

Have any of these items been delivered by Canada Post???

If you have then your order more than likely arrived well past the originally promised date of delivery!!!

I know that none of my packages arrived on time and it’s still happening. I ordered a new pair of glasses that were sent out by expedited shipping for which I had to pay $14 and they were promised to me by last Friday!!!

Well I finally get an email from them today with the usual excuses and a tracking number that only tells me that they left from somewhere today and to check back for more up to date info as it becomes available!!!!!

So what did I get for my $14??? Nothing but a broken promise and a stock email just like the thousands of others Canada Post has sent out since March 2020!!!

Well hang on for this latest development….A request was made to the Quebec Superior Court on July 6th, which aims to get compensation for people who’ve paid for expedited shipping, but not received their packages on time!!!!

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