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Wow, here is another great freebie opportunity from Butterly!!!

Product Review Opportunity for: Van Houtte Brew Over Ice CoffeeThe sun is shining, the trees are pushing out their leaves, and the first flowers of the season are blooming.

That can only mean one thing: it’s iced coffee season!

This week Butterly is introducing you to Van Houtte’s “Brew Over Ice” line of full-flavoured, café-quality iced coffees you can enjoy anytime – just commute from your living room to your kitchen Keurig, pop a pod in, and as the name suggests, brew these delicious coffees right over ice into your favourite coffee mug!
Our lucky selectees will have the choice of the following flavours:

Classic Black: With its vibrant taste and subtly sweet notes of cocoa flavor, you can enjoy an exceptionally rich, full-flavored iced coffee that’s anything but ordinary.

Caramel Vanilla: A refreshing blend of creamy vanilla and buttery caramel flavors, so you can enjoy a wonderfully balanced, refreshing iced coffee anytime you’d like.

Dark Chocolate Coconut: Celebrate all-day delight with their slow-roasted, full-flavoured chocolate coconut blend as the ultimate icebreaker, perfect for savouring the moment.

These blends are specially crafted to stand up to ice, so there’s nothing between you and an indulgent me-moment with Van Houtte®!
If you’d like to be considered for this opportunity, please complete the short survey below.

Open to residents of Canada until May 31, 2023.

Good luck🍀🍀🍀


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