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Starting on Monday February 13th, 2023 Starbucks said it will be updating its rewards program, increasing the number of points needed to redeem free items.

Rewards members in Canada were first notified about the changes by the American coffee chain in December 2022

“To ensure the long-term sustainability of the Starbucks Rewards program and to meet the changing needs of our members, we occasionally need to make changes to the program,” Leanna Rizzi, a spokesperson for Starbucks Canada, said in a statement to Global News Friday.

“And while some items may require additional stars to redeem for, other popular items like iced coffee and packaged coffee will need less stars to redeem for and be easier for members to be rewarded.”

What is changing?

Starting Feb. 13, Starbucks customers will need to earn 100 stars to redeem items such as brewed coffee or a bakery product for free.

Under the current program, 50 stars are required. So that means you’ll have to spend double the amount to get the same items‼️‼️
Additionally, the cost of handcrafted beverages such as a latte or frappuccino and hot breakfast items is going up to 200 stars from 150.

A lunch sandwich or packaged protein box will now cost you 300 stars, up from 200.

The new changes will make it slightly cheaper to get a packaged coffee item, costing 300 stars, down from 400. A free packaged snack item will require 100 stars as opposed to 150 under the old program.

However, there is no change to how members earn stars. Starbucks reward members can earn one star by spending $1 with cash, card or mobile wallet and two stars using a Starbucks card.



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