The Home Tester Club is back with another great FREE trial opportunity for féminine hygiene products!!!!

This is an exclusive Home Tester Club trial! If selected, you will receive an intimate feminine hygiene product to test and review. It will be mandatory that you submit a video with your review and thoughts.
If selected for this product test, you’ll receive a feminine wash to test within 3 to 5 days of receipt.
As part of this exclusive trial, you will be REQUIRED to post a video on Home Tester Club, of your experience. We will ask that you follow the guidelines below.

  • Provide a testimonial video (no more than 60 seconds) upon using your product; including your reviews and thoughts on the product.
  • Shoot your content in a horizonal view (turn your phone on the side)
  • Ensure your content has clear/natural lighting
  • Photo: Include a clear image of the product (packaging) with a thumbs up or thumbs down, smile, show us your face, no other brands are visible, etc.

If selected to participate in this Home Tester Club product test, here are a few things we will ask of you:

  • Test the product delivered to you, as per the instructions provided
  • Share a thoughtful, descriptive review with the Home Tester Club community
  • Complete an extended post-trial survey online (up to 20 questions) about the product
  • Upload a video of your product test experience to Home Tester Club
  • Refrain from reselling the products sent to you for cash or equivalent
  • Refrain from reselling the products sent to you for cash or equivalent



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