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Social Nature has a new Freebie available to test a. D review for those who qualify‼️‼️

SnackConscious makes plant-based Protein Bites that taste like dessert.

Their Protein Bites are your afternoon snack with benefits, consciously designed to help you feel good with plant-based protein, pre + probiotics and amazing adaptogens.

It’s truly (fun)ctional snacking.

  • Easy to absorb and digest with fermented protein
  • Keeps your gut happy with prebiotic fibre & dairy-free probiotic
  • Boosts mood and energy with adaptogenic reishi, cordyceps & maca

There are zero compromises in taste with SnackConscious Protein Bites.

The flavours are nostalgic and dessert-inspired: Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter & Jam and PB Chocolate Chip (Cookie Dough). You can have your (gluten-free, plant-based) cake and eat it too 😉 Macros: 9g protein, 10g fibre and just 5g sugar.

Get a voucher for a FREE sachet of Protein Bites, 45g

Pick up at a store near you

Free sample value up to $3.99.

Then all you need to do is try this FREE product and write and submit a detailed review.

Always be sure to do your reviews to be considered for more free trials in the futur.


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