There is a great new FREE trial available from the Home Tester Club‼️‼️‼️

Apply to participate in this newest FREE trial by following the link below and signing in to your account.

This product trial will require you to:

Select your desired paint colour from a colour palette mailed to you.

Notify us of your colour selection by completing a survey via link we provide in email communication or find the task on your HTC dashboard.

Receive your gallon of eggshell finish paint in the mail and apply it to a small room or accent wall as soon as you receive it.

PLEASE NOTE: One paintbrush and one paint roller sleeve will be included in your kit and must be used to complete your paint project.

After application, complete a post-trial survey.

If selected to participate in this Home Tester Club product test, here are a few things they will ask of you:

Test the product delivered to you, as per the instructions provided

Share a thoughtful, detailed review with the Home Tester Club community

Use the Share — on Home Tester Club to share your review on your Facebook account

Complete a short post-trial survey online about the product

Upload a photo or video of your product test experience to Instagram, using the #HTCNA #CAMPAIGNHASHTAG

Refrain from reselling the products sent to you for cash or equivalent.


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