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Product Review Opportunity for: pHisoderm CLEAN Cleansers!!!

A special opportunity to try out a NEW line of cleansers from pHisoderm.

You could be among the lucky ones that will get to try one for FREE!

pHisoderm CLEAN Sensitive Skin Cream Cleanser: Made with sunflower oil, aloe vera and Symcalmin (found in oats). Cleans your skin while leaving it feeling refreshed, bright and hydrated.

pHisoderm CLEAN Blemish-Prone Facial Cleanser: With coconut and papaya, this cleanser removes oil and dirt, while exfoliating your skin gently. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, and looking brighter.

Please fill out this short application form in order to be considered for this opportunity. Selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail in 2-3 weeks.

This opportunity is open to residents of Canada


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