PC OPTIMUM POINTS DAYS are back January 27th-February 2nd!!!!!!!

Last year, Canadians earned over 18 billion points‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

How to prep for PC Optimum Points Days:

Yes, the points party is back for one week only (January 27 to February 2). If you’re new to the party, PC Optimum™ Points Days is our biggest points event of the year—where there are more points, more offers and more chances to earn across all our different stores and services.

In fact, it’s never been easier to earn points with over 4,500 locations for you to “get it, shop it, scan it, earn it.” That’s how you remember how the PC Optimum™ program works. You get the PC Optimum™ app to see your weekly offers, shop at any Loblaw, Joe Fresh or Shoppers Drug Mart® store (or online), scan your app at checkout (or enter your PC id in PC Express™) and earn all those glorious points.

Last year, our loyal customers earned over 18 billion PC Optimum™ points during Points Days. Whoa! And this year you want to earn even more? Obviously! Here are our tips to make the most out of PC Optimum™ Points Days.

1. Download the app

The best way to take advantage of Points Days is to download the PC OPTIMUM app.

This is actually true every day of the year. Once you have the app and are digitally registered (you can register here), open the app on Thursday morning to load all your offers, including your personalized ones.

These will be unique to you and your shopping habits—yes, we have special “just for you” offers that you should absolutely take advantage of during Points Days.

2. Check out the PC Optimum™ Points Days offers

We wanted to make it easy for you to find all the Points Days offers. When you open your app on January 27, you will see categories for every type of offer available—food, beverages, health & beauty, electronics and services. Just click the category you want to explore. For those of you who want to check out all the offers, don’t worry that’s the first button. There is a huge variety of offers this year! We don’t want to spoil anything, but if you are looking for a new mattress, we have a great offer in our Marketplace with Sleep Country Canada (hint, it might be get 20,000 points for every $100 spent on all merchandise from Sleep Country Canada via Marketplace). Get excited!

A few other sneak peeks: you can earn points when you buy gas, get a new phone with The Mobile Shop, try a Dietitian service or use PC Express. Just to name a few. We told you there are so many ways to earn points this year!

3. Peruse your flyer for special Points Days offers

Checking your local flyer is always important, but especially during Points Days—that’s where you can see all your store’s unique offers for our biggest points event of the year.

Open your APP and click on the “Flyers” section to start flipping through what’s on special, making sure to look for a small box beside featured items that say ‘PC Optimum™’ with a points increment. Don’t forget to open your weekly PC Optimum™ and local store’s email for even more offers.

4. Start stacking

Our customers who earn the most points are stackers. That means they stack points on top of points—it’s next level. So how do you do it? The key is having a PC® Mastercard®, which gives you up to three percent back in PC Optimum™ points on everything you buy in our stores and one percent back everywhere else (not just during Points Days).

Think about it—you’re already scoring major points from your offer feed, flyer and email—now you get more points on top based on your total spend instore. Cha-ching!

Did you just win Points Days? We think you did!

Earn a minimum of 10 PC Optimum points per dollar on all of your purchases charged to the credit card. Any bonus PC Optimum points offers available to all PC® Mastercard® customers are calculated based on the regular earnings rate of 10 PC Optimum points per dollar spent. This offer may be terminated or changed at any time.


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