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Save $3 on the purchase of any Balderson 280g cheddar cheese!!!

Like a fine wine, a classic cheddar requires quality ingredients, the
skilled eye and palate of a master craftsman and years of carefully
aging and nurturing.

At Balderson, they naturally begin with the very finest dairy ingredients.

Then, under the watchful eye of their Master Cheese Maker, the aging

The ingredients are simple and basic…the best milk from the Ottawa Valley, their own bacterial culture that can’t be duplicated elsewhere, calf rennet to provide superior aging, salt and, for our orange
cheddar, a natural food colouring.

The process can take from two or three months to five years and it can’t be simulated or rushed.

All Balderson Cheddars are naturally aged and with each passing year of
aging the cheese slowly matures and develops unique characteristics that
change the flavor, texture, appearance and aroma.

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