Product Review Opportunity for: Dove + Schmidt’s Deodorants

Butterly is back with a great new free test and review opportunity for Dove and Schmidt’s Deodorant!!!!

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To be considered for this newest free testing opportunity simply follow the link below and fill out the short application form.

Dove Care by Plants:
Dove Protection and Care, now 99% natural origin.
24H odour protection
Aluminum Free
Available in: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Lemongrass.

Dove Refillables:
Join the refill revolution with Dove/ Dove Men+Care Refillable Deodorant Kit. Instead of throwing away your whole deodorant pack every month, this starter kit can help you make a more positive impact. The refillable deodorant case is made with durable stainless steel, so you can buy one and refill for life.
Available in: Coconut + Pink Jasmine, Cucumber + Green Tea, Clean Touch, Fresh Feel

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Sprays:
Go Natural.* Stay Fresh.
48H odour protection
99.89% Natural origin
No white marks or visible residue
Ozone friendly propellant
Available in: Rose + Vanilla, Lavender + Sage

You could be among the lucky ones that will get to try one for FREE!

Qualifying candidates will be notified by email in approximately 2-3 weeks.


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