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Buy Cosmic Crisp apples & Save up to $6 on complementary cheese & charcuterie board products!

GoCoupons is back with some great new Cashback offers to help you save $$ on items to create a beautiful Charcuterie board for the holidays‼️‼️‼️

Try the new Cosmic Crisp® Apples and save even more on complementary cheese platter products!

*By unit or bag. Minimum purchase: 1 apple. Complementary products might be purchased at a different retailer than the Cosmic Crisp® apple.

About Cosmic Crisp® Apples :
• They are naturally slow to brown and are non-GMO
• They are crispier and sweeter than other varieties
• They offer exceptional eating quality, large fruit size, attractive appearance, and versatility
• They are ideal for baking as they retain their taste and texture longer after being cut


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