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Here is the most currently available coupon policy for Metro and Food Basics stores in Ontario.

**Some locations are no longer accepting printed coupons but this seems to vary by location so you will have to ask at your local store.

As of September 9, 2013, Food Basics and Metro will start accepting internet coupons.

“Effective Monday, September 9th, all Metro and Food Basics Stores will accept internet, home printed coupons in black and white or colour”

Internet Manufacturer Coupons that are NOT Acceptable
– Competitor Internet coupons
– Internet coupons for “Free Product”
– Smartphone manufacturer internet coupons except Metro smartphone coupons with a PLU#

Guidelines for accepting internet coupons
– One coupon per item purchased
– Must be legible and have a clearly printed barcode
– Must state a Canadian coupon clearing house address or a Canadian address for redemption and must be redeemable in Canada
– Must state a valid expiry date
– Must state “Internet Coupon” and/or “Manufacturer coupon” on the coupon
– Must have a value of less than $25

BOGO coupons – one internet coupon is accepted for the item purchased but not for the free item eg. Buy one bag of chips, get second bag free, one coupon can be accepted on the two bags

If the coupon value exceeds the value of the item, the coupon value should be reduced to the retail value of the item – no cash back. Eg. If the coupon value states maximum $4.99 and the item scans @ $3.29 – the coupon value is processed as $3.29

All sales tax are paid by the customer at the retail value of the item unless stated otherwise on the coupon

Metro Ontario Inc Coupon Policy
We accept 5 types of coupons
1) Manufacturer Coupons
2) Manufacturer Internet Coupons
3) Metro ON Issued Coupons
4) Metro App Smartphone Coupons
5) In-store Scannable Reduction Coupons

We reserve the right to refuse a coupon or to limit coupon redemption.”

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