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FREE Keep Deep Clean TOOTHBRUSH!!!

Social Nature is back with a great new free trial offer‼️‼️

Keep Deep Clean Toothbrush

Get a FREE Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush, 1 handle and 2 brush heads

Free home delivery

Value up to $16.99

Offer available to residents of Canada

Good brushing habits add up, but not always in a good way.

Nearly 19 million adult manual toothbrushes were purchased in Canada in 2020 and will likely end up in landfill because they cannot be easily recycled. In fact, one toothbrush takes up to 1,000 years to decompose, and when they do, they can become microplastics pollution.

Colgate Keep is reinventing the manual toothbrush with a first-of-its-kind replaceable head and 100% aluminum reusable handle for 80% less plastic waste*. Colgate Keep is packed in 60% recycled cardboard packaging, which is fully recyclable. It’s oral health you can feel good about!

*Compared to similarly sized Colgate® toothbrushes


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