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You can join Learn and Grow rewards and earn free Walmart gift cards and more!!

Introducing Learn & Grow Rewards, a new program that converts the time you spend with your toddler into extra rewards for your family.

The more activities you complete together, the more points you earn.

Want to earn even more? Submit your Walmart receipts too, to earn points on your purchase of Enfagrow A+.

How it works?

You already know that spending quality time with your child is important.

In fact, studies show that the little things you do together can have a positive impact on their growth & development.

**You can earn points to reem for any of these rewards just by watching videos or reviewing a book or two!!!!

You can watch each video approximately 10x and you don’t even have to watch the whole thing… You can fast forward through it and still get the points credit‼️‼️‼️

Sign up today and start earning points‼️‼️

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