Apply to Try Batiste Wonder Woman Dry Shampoo!!!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Wonder Woman is a delicious dry shampoo with a feminine and bold scent of warm fruit and flower notes.

This dry shampoo is perfect to use between hair washes to keep the hair fresh and clean. It gives life to oily or dull hair, leaving it refreshed.

The dry shampoo is super easy to use, and is therefore perfect to take with you on the go, when traveling or at a festival, where there is no possibility of washing your hair as often.

In addition to giving the hair a fresher and cleaner look, it also adds fullness and life to the hairstyle.


– Dry shampoo
– Keeps hair clean and fresh
– Makes it possible to pull the hair wash a few extra days
– Fragrant
– Absorbs excess fat from the scalp
– Gives life and fullness to the hair
– Easy to use
– Vegan

– Shake the bottle thoroughly
– Spray evenly at the hair roots at a distance of 30 cm
– Then massage the product in with your fingertips
– Then style the hair as desired


If chosen, you will be notified by email in approximately 2-3 weeks

Good Luck


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