Free Dermalogica Samples!!!!

This new and innovative program is designed to allow clients to try Dermalogica products and address skin issues without the commitment to a product that may not be working for you, not to mention the price tag attached to that.

Clients can touch and feel the product, use it on the skin and decide if this product is right for you before purchasing it in full size.

Limit of 1 product line per customer.

6 targeted treatments to choose from.

Dermalogica has professional grade skin care products, sold only by trained skin therapists, that can help with just about any skin issue and deliver REAL results!

Also, Dermalogica has certified that all products are cruelty free, gluten free, vegan and are free of artificial colours or fragrances.

There are several lines that are offered, each designed with ingredients to really target any issue and start you on your journey to the BEST skin ever.

You’ll receive an order confirmation as well as a separate email to activate your account.

Please check your email and click the activation link.


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