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Your Guide To Printing Canadian Coupons From The Website!!!

**Please Note…you cannot download or print coupons from your mobile device. This must be done from a PC/Laptop

Here we bring you a quick tutorial and point of reference so that all new Canadian Couponers in the group will hopefully have a better understanding of exactly what they need and what they have to do to be able to print coupons from the very frequently used coupon portal!!!!

If you are brand new to coupons and have never printed one before, the Smartsource website is not only a great place from which to print coupons, but also provides you with an excellent help menu that explains everything you will need to know about printing coupons from the site.

Of course we have discovered a few extra tricks of the trade over the years that you wont find on their website which we will combine here to make it as easy as possible for you to familiarize yourself with the process!!!if you go to the website and scroll to the very bottom of the page you will find a link to their help menu or you can just CLICK RIGHT HERE to be taken straight to it!!!

1- Why do I need Adobe Reader DC?
For many years, printing relied on Java, a so-called “applet” that would allow use to securely send a coupon to your printer. Over the years, Java has been the subject of many security vulnerabilities to users, and as a result, many web browsers now block Java.

With SmartSource’s new print technology, we use Adobe PDF Security. Most people already have Adobe Reader installed, so this makes the transition seamless. And while many programs can open PDF files, SmartSource coupons rely on security technologies unique to Adobe Reader.

You can get Adobe Reader for free here.
Lets Get To Printing!!!

2- If you are ready to attempt printing a coupon then from the website simply click on the little box that appears beside the word “clip” on the bottom right hand side of each coupon and a checkmark will appear.

One 8×10 Sheet of paper will be enough space for 3 coupons, so keep that in mind when selecting coupons to minimize wasting paper!!!

Once you have selected all the coupons you wish to print, simply click on the “Print Coupons” banner on the top right hand side of the web page and follow the prompts on you computer monitor and click enter when asked if you are sure you want to print this coupon.

*Note…Coupons appear and disappear without notice.

Don’t hesitate to print what you want today because its not guaranteed to be there that night or the next day!!! Downloading them to your computer does NOT save them for you.

If the site removes a coupon, your saved downloads will not work either!!!!**Note…If its your first time printing I would suggest selecting a coupon(s) that you have no interest in and know you will never use just in case you run into any issues and that way you will save yourself the frustration and disappointment of losing a coupon you really wanted.

3- Can I print coupons more than once?
Yes you can!!! you can print each coupon twice from the site.

HOWEVER, after you print the first two coupons you can open a new window in “private” “incognito” “secret” mode(It will be called different things depending on the browser) and go to the website and on most browsers you can print another two of the same coupon.

So that makes 4 coupons per browser(2 in each mode) *SEE PHOTO BELOW

If you still require more than four coupons you need to close your browser, open a completely different browser and repeat the process as described above over again!!!

Although a little time consuming it will become second nature to you before long.

I have 12 browsers downloaded on my PC, but remember you can also download these browsers to any additional computers, laptops, netbooks, Ipads and other mobile devices.

The only extra step here is that since you cannot print from your mobile devices you have to choose to email the coupons(Click on the envelope on the top right hand side of the webpage and you will be prompted to enter your email address) to yourself and then open the emails on your PC and follow the instructions to print the additional coupons!!! *SEE PHOTOS BELOW

So it really is pretty straightforward but you will have to print a few coupons first and put it into practice and soon you will hopefully become a coupon printing ninja!!!

Here are a cpl of links for you to go to in case you do run into any further issues; TROUBLESHOOTING -Why is my printer spitting out blank pages???

SYSTEM MESSAGES -What the heck does that error message mean???


Below you will find the link to the Page on our website where you can conveniently find links to most of the sites that offer printable coupons as well as specific links to hundreds of hidden printable Canadian coupons!!!

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