Free Eyeglasses From Kits Online!!!!

When you order eyeglasses online from for the very first time pay only $14CAD for shipping!!!

Ordering glasses online has never been easier!

We’ve assembled a user friendly guide to help walk you through the process.

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We’re confident that our guide will help you find the right frame for you, just follow these three simple steps below:

1. Choose Your Style

2. Find Your Prescription & PD

3. Make Your Risk Free Purchase!

Once you’ve found your perfect frames and entered in your prescription details, it’s time to make your purchase. Our Canada-based lab will custom cut your lenses and assemble them into your chosen frame and your glasses will ship to your door within 3-5 business days.

In the event they don’t fit quite right, don’t worry – just contact our eyecare team and we’ll arrange for a free return or exchange


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