Buy Your Rembrandt Tulip Bulbs In Support Of The Canadian Tulip Festival!!!

These are gorgeous!!!đź’–đź’–đź’–

The Canadian Tulip Festival and The National Gallery of Canada are bringing Rembrandt to Canada with the “Rembrandt in Amsterdam: Creativity and Competition” Exhibit and the “Rembrandt Blend” Tulip Bulbs.

“Rembrandt Blend” tulip bulbs planted this autumn will be blooming by next year’s opening of the Canadian Tulip Festival, scheduled the same weekend as the National Gallery of Canada’s Exhibit opening on May 14, 2021.

This unique blend of Tulips was created and grown exclusively for the Canadian Tulip Festival in Holland and contains two selections of bi-coloured, mid-blooming Triumph tulips. One is a royal purple with snowy stripes, the other, a rare princess pink with dove white swathes.
Variegated tulip varieties are known as Rembrandt Tulips worldwide, as their stripes evoke the brushstrokes of the Dutch Masters who lived during the era of Tulipmania in the 17th Century when the flowers were a source of fascination and financial fiasco to the Netherlands.

The blend’s colour palette was inspired by the colouring of the main figure in Rembrandt’s Heroine from the Old Testament. The Royal Purple and Princess Pink are also a nod to the only royal person ever born in Canada, Princess Margriet, who was delivered at Ottawa’s Civic Hospital in January of 1943.

**Every purchase of 20 Rembrandt Blend Bulbs (1 bag) gives the buyer a chance to WIN the Grand Prize, two round-trip Economy class tickets to Amsterdam from anywhere in Canada KLM flies!!!

$20/20 Bulbs!!!!!!!


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