Beginners-Step 1 Where To Find Coupons!!!

One of the things we hear most often from people wanting to learn all about couponing in Canada is, “Where Can I Find Coupons?”

In fact, before I became a couponer I never noticed or paid attention to the coupon boards when I walked into a store, or anywhere else for that matter.

I really had no idea that extreme couponing was even possible in Canada.

One day(After binge watching Extreme Couponing on TLC)my curiosity led me to Google, which led me to Facebook.

However, what good was it to look at these deals that were being posted and discussed? I quickly realized that the first thing I needed to learn was where and how to get my hands on these coupons.

Once I had this knowledge and was able to go out and find my own coupons I was then ready to learn how to use them. Hopefully you will find this information helpful as you begin your journey into Canadian couponing.

1- TEARPAD COUPONS Tearpads are the most common and readily available types of coupon you will come across when you are out shopping. There are many places that they can be found.

Your first and best opportunity to find them will be in most major Grocery stores such as Loblaws banner stores(Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws, The Independent Grocer, Fortinos, Zehrs, The Atlantic Superstore, No Frills etc.)

In most(Recently removed from RCSS locations) of these locations there will be 1 or sometimes even 2(Large stores with an entrance at either end of the store) coupon boards at the front entrance, usually above the stacks of that weeks flyer.

These boards are normally filled weekly and the tearpads on them will be changed for new ones every 4 weeks. Tearpads can also be found hanging on or sometimes stuck to the front of the shelves in the aisles, usually in close proximity to the product for which the coupon is intended.

Do not limit your search to just grocery stores as Walmart, Rexall & Shoppers Drug Mart and others also have tearpads hanging in the aisles.

In addition to keeping your eyes peeled when walking the aisles, a good practice is to check those large floor displays and the cardboard displayers that you always see(And have probably run into with your cart once or twice!!!)

All of the aforementioned stores have these regularly, but don’t count out other stores where we often find coupons such as; Canadian Tire & Rona for example. Leave no stone unturned!! In no time, looking for/spotting these coupons will become second nature!!!

*Remember… Be kind and courteous couponers and only take what you honestly think you can/will use.

Leave some for other couponers and hopefully they will do the same. **TAKING FULL TEARPADS, CLEARING THE BOARD AND/OR IN STORE SHELF HANGERS IS NOT OK.**

2- REP COUPONS Perhaps you don’t already know or realize that those Company Representatives who are handing out free samples of products for you to try are often also handing out coupons for those products!!!!!!!!

They can most often be found in stores such as Walmart and major grocery stores.(RCSS locations tend to have these most weekends) as well as at events such as the CNE, PNE, or women’s shows, as well as many other events like the Calgary Stampede for example!!!

Watch for these reps in the stores where you live/shop. Check various locations, because you never know when or where they will be.

3- COMPANY MAIL OUTS These are coupons that you can request from a company by either calling, emailing or sometimes even by messaging the company via Facebook.

Not all companies will send out coupons and not all companies will send out coupons to every person who requests them either. Keep a list of which companies you have contacted and note which ones that did not grant your request(Try again in approx. 3 months time)

The most important things to remember when making your request: Be polite, kind, courteous, respectful and be sure to compliment at least one of the products that they make/sell.

Tell them how their product is the best, your families favourite etc…Do not be rude or demanding and whatever you do, if they say no, don’t give an angry reply, just try again at a later date. Follow our link HERE for a list of companies to contact that we have had success with in the past. We are always updating and adding to the list so check back often!!!

Watch for certain magazines such as the Walmart, Live Better magazine and the LCBO magazine, both of which normally contain coupons that you can cut out.

We will keep you notified in our Facebook group when we see these available.

These are coupons that can be found literally hanging on products. You can find them anywhere on a variety of products such as laundry detergent, room spray cans, condiments, health and beauty items, just to name a few.

Again, keep your eyes open when going up and down the aisles of the store.

You never know when or on what you might come across one of these coupons. You can either use it at the cash when you purchase the product it is hanging on, or keep for a later date.

Be aware, many times you will find that the hangtag is not for the product it was found on.

It could be for use on a totally different product.(Like hangtags found on Tide liquid laundry detergent that are for use on the purchase of new Downy fabric softener for example) *Hangtags are only supposed to be taken when you purchase the product on which they are found!!!

These coupons are called peelies because they are either stuck to the outter packaging of a product or to the product itself and literally have to be peeled off.

Peelies are to be used on the purchase of that product either that day when you purchase it, or at a later date.

They can be on almost anything from food to deodorant to frozen products, laundry products and more.

You will usually find out about these coupons in our weekly deals threads or from postings in coupon trading groups.

*Again, the intent here is that you buy the product to get the peelie that is stuck to the product. It is NOT ok to steal peelies from products that you are not going to purchase!!!

Quite simply, these are coupons that are usually in a booklet(SmartSource, Retail Me Not, Get Healthy Savings to name a few) that is periodically found “inserted” either between the pages of your free community newspaper or sometimes amongst the weekly flyers if you are fortunate enough to still have them delivered to your door.

Again, as there is no schedule or set dates for these inserts, watch for us to post on our Facebook page as soon as we know that there is a new one being delivered.

We also post pictures of the coupons that can be found in the insert as well.

However, not all areas of the country will get every insert, and even if they do, not every area will necessarily get all the same coupons in the insert. Perhaps Ontario will have a buy 1 get 1 free coupon for a product while Western Canada may get a coupon for the same product but it might be an FPC as an example!!!!

Booklets can usually be found in most of the same types of places as tearpads. They can contain 1 and many times multiple coupons along with product information or perhaps recipe ideas in the case of booklets pertaining to food items.

Many companies will either email you a link to a coupon when you sign up for their company newsletter or emails, or some will include a link to a particular coupon in the actual newsletter or email itself; McCain, Gay Lea, Oxi Clean, Oasis are all examples of companies that regularly send out coupons with their newsletters but there are many others that give you a one time coupon that you can print as a reward for signing up. (Watch our Facebook posts as a comprehensive list for these is coming soon!!!!)

10-PRODUCT PACKAGING Read those packages!!! Many times you can get coupons inside the box or package that a product is sold in.

Watch for new products or new packaging of existing products and even products that are “New and Improved” for these.

Also, frozen products such as Janes chicken as well as 12 packs of canned soft drinks will often offer a coupon that is printed on the inside of the box that you can cut out to use on your next purchase of the product.

These can be great places to find coupons. Look around in the waiting area or at the reception desk the next time you go to have your teeth cleaned for coupons for items such as toothpaste and other oral care products!! Different Doctors offices often have great coupons for things like Ensure, baby formula, Pediasure and even laundry detergents and more!!!!!

Learn to take the time to really look at that pile of junk mail before it gets tossed into the recycling bin.

Many restaurants and fast food outlets regularly send out booklets or sheets with great coupons on them!!!! Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Swiss Chalet, Subway, the list goes on and on.

You will probably be surprised to learn of all the coupons that are out there that you can print at home and use at many retail stores across the country.

However, we have been noticing a trend starting where some retailers will no longer accept these types of coupons. WHY? Well the short answer to that is due to people abusing these coupons and stores are therefore not getting reimbursed by the manufacturer for fraudulent coupons!!!! IT IS ILLEGAL AND ABSOLUTELY NEVER OK TO PHOTOCOPY A COUPON. PERIOD!!!! (We will be posting a seperate file on this topic soon)

See our comprehensive list of sites and links to all kinds of coupons that are available for you to print RIGHT HERE.

So I think we have given you a great place to start. These are not all the places that coupons can be found however.

Other less common places are; Hanging on your front door, as a reward for doing surveys/entering contests and others that you will learn and hear all about as they become available by following the posts and threads in this group and on our website at:

HAPPY COUPONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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