How To Save Big $$ Doing An Online Ad Match When You Shop At!!!

Does your local Walmart only ad match stores in your local area? Do you wish that you had the ability to ad match stores in other cities and provinces within Canada to get the best deals?

If your answer is yes, then are you aware that you can order your groceries on the Walmart website and ad match advertised flyer deals using flyers from across Canada to get the lowest prices and the best deals of the week?

Well you can, and it is fast and easy, and in this tutorial we will walk you through just how to do it!!!

Step 1- Your first step is to go to the Walmart website and place an order online for the items that you wish to ad match. Be sure to place orders over $50 so that whether you choose to pick up your items at the store(A must if ordering perishable items) or have them delivered you will not have to pay the delivery fee!!! Also, make absolutely sure that the item you are ordering and the item in the flyer from which you are requesting the ad match are EXACTLY the same in size/weight, brand and variety!!! Step 2- Once you have placed your order and checked out(The site takes you through this step by step) you will be given an ORDER #. You must have this number to complete your on line ad match request Step 3- When you have your order number you can head over to the on line ad match request site found HERE!!! While it is possible to do multiple ad matches within the same request, we recommend doing separate requests for each item that you wish to do an ad match for just to keep things a little simpler and to make sure nothing gets missed.

*NOTE* You will also need to have your credit or debit card handy as well as the link to the website where the flyer item you are trying to ad match can be found! So if you are requesting an ad match to the current Food 4 Less flyer for example you need to do a Google search for that flyer, find the item you are matching and copy the link address so you can paste it into the appropriate spot on the request form!!! (See sample form below)

Now all there is left to do is wait to receive your confirmation via email from the ad match request team(Normally but not always within 24hrs of sending in your request) letting you know that your ad match or matches have been approved!! If approved the email will let you know the amount of $$ that will be credited back to the card you used to pay for the initial order. Trust and believe that once you go through the easy step by step process for the first time you will be amazed at how simple it really is to do.


Now go place an order and rack up those savings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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