How Do I Organize All These Coupons???

Now that you know where to get Canadian coupons, you’re going to have to figure out some sort of organizing system so they don’t end up expiring before you use them. There are many different ways to organize coupons, but you may have to try out a couple of systems before you find one that works for you.

In this post, I’ll be listing a bunch of ways you can organize coupons to help you narrow down what may work for you!

Coupon Organizing Method #1 – The Wallet Size Expanding Folder

This is my method of coupon organization. I picked up a wallet sized coupon folder from a local dollar store. Some of the folders from the dollar store already included pre-categorized sections like, baking goods, beverages, cleaning products and condiments. Other folders are blank so you could easily customize it to suit your needs.(I label mine with P-Touch) I also have one that is labelled with store names so I can place all the coupons I intend on using (or that are store specific) at a particular store in the appropriate section when I plan my shopping trip!!!!

Coupon Organizing Method #2 – Use Envelopes

Organize all your coupons using envelopes. Make an envelope for each category. (such as Meat, Dairy Products, Cleaning Products, Paper Products, etc.) Cut all the coupons you plan on using and store them in the corresponding envelopes so they can be easily found. You may want to keep all your envelopes in a plastic tub, photo box or something similar.

Coupon Organizing Method #3 – The Coupon Box

Use index cards to create all the categories you’ll need. With this method, your coupons will be really easy to find, but you may find it a bit bulky if you want to bring it into the stores you shop at.

Coupon Organization Method #4 – The Coupon Binder

The coupon binder is a hugely popular coupon organization method.

It’s fairly simple to create your own using a three-ring binder, page dividers, baseball card holders, and perhaps a zippered pocket to hold scissors, random coupons, or a calculator.

I’ve also heard of people using photo albums instead of a binder!!!

They now also sell different page protectors that you can add in to your binder with all different size pockets that will fit most of the different sizes of coupons!!!!

How ever you choose to organize your coupons is up to you. However, one tip that I can give you that every couponer has probably come to learn the hard way is NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR COUPONS. It will only take one time for you to run to the store or drop in at a store that you hadn’t planned on going to and running into a deal that would be an amazing find if you only had your coupons with you, and trust me you will never leave home without them again. Don’t worry, I wont say I told you so. Ok I might say it….lol.

HAPPY COUPONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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