Couponing Abbreviations and Terms

Here is a list of many of the terms and abbreviations you will see and hear being used frequently in the world of Canadian couponing. Our hope is that this list will help teach you the “Couponing Lingo” as you begin your journey!!!

  • BOGO=Buy One, Get One
  • BOGOF OR (B1G1FREE)= Buy One Get One Free.
  • CB=Cashback(Usually in reference to one of the savings apps you can download and sign up for on your mobile device)
  • CO51=Checkout 51(One of the previously mentioned savings apps)
  • WUB2 OR WYB2= When You Buy Two. Same applies to other numbers (eg. WUB3, WUB4)
  • WUS OR WYS=When You Spend. Some coupons, like those for Glade products for example, may have a minimum dollar amount you must buy of a particular product or brand of products in order to use the coupon.(Ex: Save $5 When You Spend $15 or more on Glade products.)
  • FPC= Free Product Coupon. A coupon that entitles you to the product for free
  • MIR=Mail In Rebate(A coupon that you mail to the company along with proof of purchase to get your money back, usually making the product free. Usually comes in the form of a cheque from the company.)
  • PM=Price Match(Some retailers will match the current lower price of an identical item from a different store)
  • TEAR PAD(TP)=A pad of coupons found attached to the shelf near a product, on a display, or on a coupon board at or near the front entrance of the store(Some Loblaws banner stores)
  • PEELIE=Coupon you literally must peel off a product/package to use at the time of purchase.
  • REP COUPON=A coupon that is handed out to shoppers by a representative of the company, usually, but not always, accompanying an in-store demonstration(demo) of a product or products
  • HANGTAG=A coupon that is literally hanging on a particular product, usually by an elastic or string which is usually, but not always, “hanging” around the neck of a product that is sold in a bottle or jar of some type.
  • AC=After Coupon (The price, after you use a coupon)
  • NED=No Expiry Date
  • RC=Rain Check
  • SCOP=Scanning Code of Practice(A Seperate File Will Explain What SCOP Is In Detail)
  • SMP=Specially Market Packages
  • HV= High Value Coupon(Usually a coupon which will save the shopper $3 or more off the purchase price of an individual item.
  • MFC=Manufacturer Coupon(A coupon distributed by the manufacturer of the product)
  • BOOKLET COUPON=A booklet/pamphlet from an in-store display containing product information/recipes/advertisements that also contains a coupon(s).
  • SASE=Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
  • AM=Airmiles
  • POP=Proof of Purchase
  • GC=Gift Card
  • UPC/BARCODE=Universal Product Code – a code located somewhere on the products packaging.
  • OOP=Out Of Pocket(The total amount of actual money spent after sales, coupons, rebates, rewards points, cashback etc. are factored into your transaction)
  • NLA=No Longer Available
  • INSERT COUPON=A coupon that come from a booklet that is usually delivered in with your weekly flyers or local/community newspaper.
  • MAILOUT=A coupon that has been sent out in the mail by the manufacturer usually by request or to compensate a customer for an unsatisfactory purchase of a product.
  • EXP.=Expiry Date
  • GOA=Good On Any. Refers to a coupon that you can use on and size or variety of a particular product.
  • STACKING=This refers to the use of more than one coupon per single item. This practice is currently only allowed in specific stores in Western Canada.(London Drugs)
  • PURCHASE=Each individual item you are buying is a “purchase”
  • LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE=You can use one coupon on each item you are buying. For example if you are buying 6 of a particular item(Considered 6 purchases) and you have six coupons that say ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE, you can use a coupon on each of the 6 items(Purchases)
  • TRANSACTION=The total of all items being purchased on a single receipt.
  • LIMIT ONE COUPON PER TRANSACTION=You can use only one coupon per transaction. If you have multiples of this coupon you must make a separate transaction for each coupon you wish to use.
  • LIMIT ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER=You may only use one coupon. You may not do multiple transactions in order to use multiples of this coupon in the same visit. If you wish to use multiples of these, you will have to leave the store and return to the store at a later time or day.

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