Canadians finding hundreds of dollars in unclaimed cheques on CRA website!!!!!

You may want to checkout the CRA website to find out if you have any unclaimed or uncashed cheques waiting for you!!!

Canadians say they are finding hundreds of dollars they are owed from uncashed cheques, thanks to a section on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.
A little-known feature on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website is netting some Canadians hundreds of dollars they are owed from uncashed government cheques.
“In order to help taxpayers reclaim these long lost funds, we recently soft launched this new feature to let taxpayers know if they have an uncashed cheque with the CRA,” Biram said.

So how can I see if I’m owed money?

Finding the uncashed cheque section is relatively easy on the CRA’s website.

Once you’ve logged in, it’s located at the bottom of the “related services section” on the right side.

Once there, the website displays any cheques you haven’t cashed, with the amounts displayed next to them.

To claim the cash, you can download a pre-populated form, which then has to be signed by you, as the payee, and also by a witness.

Legal representatives can also sign for a payee, as long as they complete the authorized officer section of the form.

Then you scan and submit the form online or mail it in to the CRA.

The CRA says it can take up to 60 days to process the request. If you owe the agency money, it will take the amount out of its payment to you.


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