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Double Points Days Begins With Tim Hortons New Rewards Program!!!!


As of today, February 26th, thw new changes to Tim Hortons rewards changes have come into effect.

If you haven’t done so already, you’re going to want to update the Tims App on your mobile device. You will also need to confirm your account via email, so probably a good idea to do all of this before you hit the drive thru or get in line.

To kick off the exciting new Rewards Program, Tim Hortons is celebrating the launch with DOUBLE POINT DAYS!

Normally, you would earn 10 Points per transaction, but from now until March 18th you get 20 Points per transaction when you scan your Tim Rewards app.

If you’re a frequent Tims drinker, you could be raking up points in a hurry with this promotion, so it’s probably a good time to remind you, that you can now bank your points as well!

Using the app, navigate to the Rewards Page (click the button at the top of the screen) and visit the Redeem Page.

From here, you can pre-select which Reward Level you would like to automatically redeem at OR you can select to bank your points, for whenever you want to use them!

You can also choose to bank your points from the Scan page (when you show your app at checkout).

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