How to Price Match Meat at Walmart

Price matching is a fantastic way to save money on your groceries, and one of the best places to price match is at Walmart!!!

Like you would with any other price match, be sure to bring in the flyer or have your screenshots from Flipp, Flyerify or Rebee that you want to price match.

Most times, you can not price match without one or the other!!

If you want to price match a brand such as Maple Leaf Prime, you can easily do that. But what if you want to price match meat from, say, Loblaws?

There is no brand name on the package, which means it’s just the store brand that Loblaws is selling. You can still price match this item at Walmart.

You must purchase the Walmart store brand (Great Value) in place of the Loblaws store brand in order to match the price.

Most price matches for meat (and produce as well), is done by the kilogram and not by the pound, so you need to make sure the advertisement you are bringing with you shows the kilogram price.

This price is usually smaller than the per pound price on most flyers. If your ad does not have a kilogram price listed, you will not be able to price match (unless a specific size is mentioned – for example, 3 pack chicken breasts for $7).

You also need to make note of what size is on sale. When it comes to ground meats and chicken breasts, it is often the “family pack” that is on sale.

That’s all there is to it!!!!

Now all you need to do is give it a try and save $$$

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