Dollarama Just Recalled Over 50,000 Toys In Canada Over Dangerous Chemical Levels

Dollarama, Canada’s biggest dollar store, is recalling over 50,000 toys after dangerous levels of hazardous chemicals were found in them. The product recall was just announced this week and affects at least 52, 775 toys that were sold in Canada over the past year.

The product being recalled is the Montoy doll and furniture set, sold between October 16th 2018 and October 5th 2019.The recall was issued after the toys were found to have dangerously high levels of phthalates in them, which could pose a chemical hazard to kids.

Phthalates are a chemical often added to plastics. In small levels, they are pretty harmless, but if there are too many of them they could pose a risk to consumers health.


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