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Its Back In Only Three Days!!! Coast To Coast Monopoly At McDonalds!!!

Hold tight!!

Its time for one of our favourite promotions of the year and once again the McDonald’s® Canada Coast to Coast MONOPOLY® will not disappoint!!!!!


The Official Rules For The 2019 MONOPOLY® “Coast to Coast” Game At McDonald’s®

General Description Of The Game.

To play the Game, a Participant must obtain Game Pieces in the manner(s) described below in these Official Rules (see Rule 3.C.(i)(ii)), and, subject to verification, collect a potential Winning Combination of Game Stamps, or get a single “Instant Win” Game Stamp.

There Are Two (2) Ways To Play And Potentially Win A Prize In The Game:

  1. Obtain a potential “Instant Win” Game Stamp (see Rule 4.A. below); and

  2. Obtain Game Stamps that comprise a potential Winning Combination (see Rule 4.B. below).

Note: There is no limit to the number of Prizes that a Participant can win in the Game.

The Game Period begins on October 8, 2019, and will end on the later of November 11, 2019 (the “scheduled end date”), or on the date that there are no longer any supplies remaining in any participating McDonald’s restaurant in Canada of specially marked packaging items to which Game Pieces are affixed. Note that the scheduled end date of November 11, 2019, is subject to a corresponding extension if the Game runs long in restaurants. See Rule 3.D for additional information concerning the planned Game schedule.

See Rule 5 for a list of the Prizes available to be won in the Game and the chances of winning each such Prize, as of the start of the Game Period.

Note: No Purchase Of A McDonald’s Food Or Other Product Is Required To Play The Game, and making such a purchase will not increase or affect a participant’s chances of winning a prize in the Game. See Rule 3.C.(ii) for information respecting how to play or enter without a purchase.




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