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Your Guide To Ad Matching On The Walmart Website!!!!

As our lives become increasingly busy, ordering grocery pick up or getting free home delivery (depending on the item) saves time and money!!

Walmart’s online ad match helps you do both!!!

Here’s how it works:

First you will need to place an order for pickup or delivery on the Walmart website. If you are ordering perishable items(Frozen or Refrigerated) then you will have to pick up your order. However, when ordering non-perishables, you can choose to have your order delivered right to your door!! *Make sure that the item you are ordering is identical to the item in your ad match. For example, you cannot price match Sealtest for Lactantia as these are two different products!! The item must be the same size, brand and flavour!!

Once you have placed your order, make sure your total is above $50.00 or more before your ad match so you can get FREE delivery. Follow the steps for checkout making sure to document your order number, as you will need this number when doing your ad match!!

Once you have completed your order and have your order number, you are going to proceed by copying the link address for the online flyer you are using to do your ad match. For example, if you are using FreshCo to do your match , you will need the link to their online flyer to put into the comment section of the ad match!

At this point, you want to go to Walmart’s Online Ad Match and fill out the form. It will request your order number, the link for the online flyer, your name, email, and other information. You can submit multiple ad match requests for an individual order. We recommend doing this on separate requests so no item gets missed!!

Then all you have left to do is check your email for your ad match confirmation and you are all finished!!!



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