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New Offer From Chick Advisor To Test And Review!!!!!

Now that summer’s officially coming to a close, September seems to be the starting point of a busy season for all of us. Calendars are fully booked with post-vacation meetings, students and parents alike are starting a new school year, and not to mention the family gatherings for the holidays just around the corner!
With schedules that seem to be getting busier and busier, treating yourself to “me time” is important, and finding that outlet is different for everyone. For some ChickAdvisor members last year, this meant dressing up for the occasion and attending #ChickAdvisorShowCase, featuring teapigs tea as one of our sponsors. But, if you weren’t able to participate in ShowCase 2018, now is your chance to have a taste of it with our latest Produce Review Club® offer from teapigs!
This time we’re featuring their refreshing peppermint whole leaves tea, but still offering the same quality taste in every cup. Every sachet of teapigs uses whole leaf tea, herbs, and flowers – all handled gently to maintain every drop of precious flavour. The best part is knowing teapigs’ strong focus on sustainable practices from sourcing their 100% natural teas to their environmentally-friendly packaging – now that is something worth celebrating!

*You Only Have Till Sept 9th To Apply So Go NOW!!!

Apply to test and review tea from TeaPigs right HERE



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