Proper Coupon Printing Guide

Printing coupons can seem simple but there are a few things you need to know.

Print coupons have some very specific requirements that cashiers need to look for. A print coupon must have a barcode, Canadian redemption address and in most cases a unique PIN number.

Regular Prints vs PDF

All regular prints must have a unique pin but a PDF will not. It’s illegal to photocopy any coupon, even printables. PDF coupons can usually be printed as many times as you want. Other prints can be printed once or twice per account or per browser. The best way to know how many of a coupon you can print is to go back out and try again from the beginning. If it allows another print it’s perfectly ok to reprint. You cannot select the number of prints, photocopy or save to your computer or reprint the same file.

A PDF coupon has a barcode. A regular printable coupon has a barcode and a unique PIN number. Some also have an offer ID.

The bar code and offer ID will be the same on every coupon of the same type but the PIN numbers change to show that it is a unique print. A PDF will come out identical every time you print it directly from the site. A PDF will allow you to go back in and print multiple times and it won’t have a PIN number on the coupon.

Example of coupon with unique PIN numbers. Notice that the line around the coupon is not cut off. This is not a cut line and also has the pertinent information to be verified by cashiers.

Example of a PDF coupon. Notice the bar code and in some cases a number is printed along the side or at the bottom. Every coupon printed by anyone in Canada will have those same numbers.

Here’s a perfect example. A few years back we had a $5 aveeno coupon. Although it allowed you to print multiples it was not a PDF. Each of those printed with a unique PIN number. Not a problem however if you went back in and continued to print a new one each time the correct way.

Important Info To Keep In Mind

Photocopying coupons is against the law in the same respect as counterfeiting money. Your IP address can be blocked by all printing sites, hefty fines imposed or even jail time. As long as you’re printing the coupons correctly the coupons are valid and you have nothing to worry about!

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