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Free Sample Of MagPop

Quench your thirst and try a sample of MagPop!

Try a sample of MagPop FREE! MagPop is a refreshing, fizzy drink full of magnesium, vitamin C and electrolytes. No added sugar, artificial colors or flavors.

MagPop is the pop that’s good for you! Simply add water, watch it fizz and enjoy! MagPop fizzes in your glass and not your tummy. It won’t react to the stomach acid and won’t aggravate your stomach.

MagPop is perfect on the go, after a workout to replenish your electrolytes, at work for a boost or even before bed. It’s a healthy drink that can replace pop as your go to drink. Perfect for people who love their soft drinks as well as those who don’t.

MagPop has an ample dose of vitamin C, elecrolytes and magnesium glycinate which is crucial to your body to build proteins, repair DNA and provide energy so your pop is now a healthy beverage.

What’s better than getting a sample of MagPop to try for FREE!


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