Price Matching Apps

The Top 4 Canadian Price Matching Apps

And why they’re awesome!

Price Matching apps are the most efficient way to plan your shop. No more piles of flyers to organize as you head to the store. Simply take a screenshot of the deal and put it in a separate album on your phone. You’ll be prepared and organized as you head to the store!

With technology there’s no need for that anymore. The stores will accept a screenshot to price match the deals. There are lots of price matching apps out there with lot of different features. Here’s a list of the best of the best!


The flipp app is the most popular flyer app and for good reason. Enter your postal code and it will show all the flyers in your area. You can search by product to find the lowest price. If your store price matches outside your local area just change up your postal code to see flyers for different areas. Flipp also links smartsource coupons to matching items so you can easily print your coupons. Flipp also has a Rebate section. Have a look at the post on Flipp rebates on the main wall! Use the Flipp app on your smartphone or on your computer! Download Flipp here


Salewhale is a user friendly price matching app just like the Flipp app, you can enter your postal code and see your local flyers. An amazing feature about this app however, you can choose your range from 5-250km! This is fantastic to narrow your search to the distance to which your stores price match! You can use this app to search by product! Salewhale also has an incredible and unique feature. You can scan the barcode on a product you want and search the product that way!! This works great at home when looking through your cupboards or in store when you find a new item! Download Salewhale here


Flyerify is the best app for viewing the most flyers. The majority of the flyers for Canadian stores are listed alphabetically in this app. Flyerify does not have a product search feature but hopefully they will add that soon. Download the Flyerify app here


Reebee is similar to Salewhale and Flipp and a lot of people enjoy the layout. Similar to the Flipp app, enter your postal code and you’ll see all your local flyers. You can search by product to find the lowest price! Download Reebee here

Download them all or try just one! Let us know of any questions in the comments below!

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