Guide To Price Matching

New to price matching? This guide will give you all the information on how to do it!


Price matching is the store’s willingness to match another stores advertised price. They do this to build customer loyalty by giving the customer the lowest advertised price from their competitors.

Consumers benefit by price matching because it saves time and money by only shopping at one store!

The store requires proof of the price you would like to match. Some stores will accept online advertisements but print ads and flyer apps are always accepted. Most stores will accept a screen shot as long as it has the store name, date of flyer and item description with size.

Have a look here for info on price matching apps

You can combine a price match with a coupon or cashback to save you even more money!

Cashback is another great way to save money. There are a few great cashback apps that pay cash for items you probably already purchase! The cashback offers can be combined with a price match. Always  read the details of the offer to see if it can also be combined with a coupon as well! Click here for detailed info on how cashback apps work and to download.

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