Cashback Apps In Canada

What are cashback apps and how do they work

Cashback apps are apps that you can download on your phone or tablet with weekly offers. When you buy the item in the offer, upload your receipt to the app and the money will be put in your account in the app. Once you’re at a certain amount, you can request a check or e-transfer (depending on the app) If the same offer is on multiple apps you’ll be able to claim the offer on all of them! With each unique app however, your receipt can only be uploaded once but you can claim all the offers on the receipt.

Here is a list of Canadian Cashback apps:

1. Checkout 51

This is by far the best app. Offers change every Thursday and receipts must be uploaded to the app by the following Wednesday at 11:59pm. Tons of offers weekly to help save you money. Check the offer for details. Some offers cannot be combined with a coupon and some can. They will state the limit in each offer. You can request a cheque to be mailed once you’re at $20 or save it up and cash out at a higher amount.

Sign up for Checkout 51 here

2. Caddle

Use referral code ANNMAR63382 when signing up to earn an extra $1 bonus!

Caddle offers change each Thursday and receipts must be uploaded by the following Wednesday at 11:59pm. Caddle has some amazing offers! Most can be combined with coupon and easy to get stuff for free with a price match, coupon and cashback offer. Caddle also has surveys each week that take a few seconds but you earn a bit completing them. It all adds up! Caddle has offers on fresh produce as well! You’ll find the savings add up quickly! You can request a cheque once your account is at $20!

Sign up for Caddle here

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